Embrace the Bourbon was formed by 4 friends who met while serving their country overseas. Casey Curry, Andrew Workman, Christopher Watkins, and John McGowan developed their relationship through a deployment to Africa while serving with the Coastal Riverine Force. It was then that these 4 friends shared their love for Bourbon and through that love developed what we have here today. A trusted source for Bourbon Enthusiasts across the nation seeking honest and unbiased reviews. Our reviews are loaded with detailed feedback regardless of price, brand or hype. We are excited to help you on your Bourbon Discovery Journey and are excited to be a source that you can trust and rely on!

Meet the Team!

John McGowan

Husband and Father of 4, Marine Corps and Navy Veteran, Bourbon and Rye Lover, Nature Enthusiast, Gym Rat

Andrew Workman

Proud Father, Coastal Riverine Force Team Member, Military Veteran Recruiter, Bourbon Enthusiast

Eric Watkins

Devoted Husband, Proud Veteran, Die Hard Vols Fan, Lover of Bourbon and Whiskies

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