Veteran Bourbon Review: Baker’s Single Barrel Bourbon


Beam Suntory

Mash bill



7 Years 10 Months


107 Proof


MSRP $59, Purchase Price $59 (2023)

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History – This bottle comes from Clermont, KY. Floor 2, Rack 12, Serial number: 000201943, Warehouse: CL-J, bottle in January 2023. Baker’s Bourbon Whiskey has a long history dating back to the 18th century. “It was originally produced by the Baker Beam family, the same family behind the famous Jim Beam brand. Baker’s Bourbon is a small batch of bourbon whiskey that is aged for seven years in oak barrels, giving it a smooth, rich flavor. The brand was acquired by Beam Suntory in the 1990s and continues to be popular among whiskey enthusiasts today. EVERY FAMILY HAS A REBEL. OURS IS BAKER. He may be soft-spoken, but Jim Beam’s grand-nephew marched to his own drum. In his heyday, Baker would show up for work at the Clermont distillery on his motorcycle, wearing a black leather jacket and his wide-brimmed hat. When this sixth-generation distiller retired, his cousin Booker Noe created Baker’s Bourbon in his honor, inspired by his passion for bourbon and maverick nature.” –bakersbourbon

Value – Even though this is a good purchase, the price of $59 is a little high.

Appearance – Displays a long body with a short neck. The cork is really great on this bottle. This is a good looking bottle.

Nose – Strong Nutty / Caramel / Vanilla / Spice

Palate – Mild Heat / Thin / Caramel / Vanilla

Finish – Dry / Medium Heat / Oak / Caramel

Summary – In summary, coming from the Beam Suntory, this is a solid above average pour. I do feel like the palate and finish dissipate too quickly and the price is steep or this would be a top tier bottle.

“Not a bad neat sipping pour by no means! The showmanship of the bottle really stands out. Good overall pour that I would recommend to try at least once.

Eric Watkins


Uniqueness- 1-10 – 6

Appearance- 1-10 – 8

Nose- 1-20 – 17

Palate- 1-20 – 14

Finish- 1-20 – 13

Value- 1-20 – 11

Reviewed by:

Eric Watkins on 07/29/2023

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