Veteran Bourbon Review: 1792 Small Batch


Sazerac Company Inc.

Mash bill

75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% malted barley




93.7 Proof


$30 (2023)

Official Product Website

History – 1792 Bourbon is a brand of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that has been produced since 1879. The brand was originally created by the Barton Distillery, which was founded in 1879 by the father and son team of Benjamin and T.B. Ripy. The Ripy family had been distilling whiskey since the late 1700s, and the Barton Distillery was the first to produce bourbon in the state of Kentucky. The name 1792 was chosen to commemorate the year Kentucky became a state.

The Barton Distillery was sold to the Sazerac Company in 2009, and the brand is now owned by the Sazerac Company. 1792 Bourbon is made from a mash bill of 75% corn, 15% rye, and 10% malted barley. It is aged for 8-9 years in new, charred oak barrels and bottled at a strength of 46.85% ABV. 1792 Bourbon is known for its sweet, spicy, and oaky flavor profile. It has won numerous awards, including a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition in 2018. Let’s dig in!

Value –  I think this bourbon would be great in a cocktail vs neat which should be marketed as such.

Appearance – Awesome shape that is very 1920’s themed. Has a elegance to it and I really like how they different each different type of bourbon by the ribbon on the neck. Each one has a color that defines from a far what bourbon it is since each bottle’s shape and look is the same.

Nose – Applewood / Vanilla / Fresh Baked Bread / Very Sweet Almost Bubble Gum Aroma

Palate – Dry / Maple Syrup / Black Pepper / Lots of Rye

Finish – Not Smooth / Nutty / Toffee / Ginger

Summary – This bourbon really is unique in the fact that you can drink it and it makes it really hard to decipher the quality of the bourbon or not. Diving deep it offers such different flavors from front to back which is why I say it’s unique. It’s not standard flavors all around which I like but it is a little off putting for a sipping bourbon. I imagine it would be best served in a cocktail like an old fashioned. That is likely what I will do with the rest of it in my glass.

Good bourbon overall but not great. Good due to the uniqueness of flavors that you pull and not great due to the wide variation of flavors it brings.

Andrew Workman

Uniqueness- 1-10 – 8

Appearance- 1-10 – 8

Nose- 1-20 – 8

Palate- 1-20 – 10

Finish- 1-20 – 6

Value- 1-20 – 20


Andrew Workman

Reviewed by:

Andrew Workman on 04/26/2023

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