Veteran Bourbon Review: Jack Daniels Single Barrel Barrel Proof


Brown–Forman Corporation

Mash bill





130.8 Proof


$63 (2023)

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History – This is a Heroes Selection edition, chosen by Melvin Keebler in 2022. This bottle is from Barrel NO. 22-09025. The bottling date was 11/7/2022. “ Crafting something that endures for over 150 years takes time and character. You’ll find plenty of both in the people and history that make Jack Daniel’s. Modern Era, An exciting new era of innovation begins with Master Distiller Jimmy Bedford’s (’88-’07) introduction of Gentleman Jack, and continues with the biggest expansion to our family of brands in 150 years under Master Distiller Jeff Arnett. 1997 The very first bottles of Single Barrel Select are drawn from our finest barrels, hand-selected by Jimmy himself. 2011 Jack Daniel’s introduces its first flavored expression, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey, inspiring a whole new generation of Jack drinkers. 2014 To keep up with global demand, Jack opens a brand new cooperage in Lawrence County, Alabama. Hundreds of barrels are built by hand here every day. 2015 Our first new mash recipe since Old No. 7 is bottled: Single Barrel Rye. Once America’s choice of whiskey over bourbon, rye’s renaissance is underway—and thriving in Tennessee. We welcome Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire to the family with it’s smooth yet fiery finish. Best enjoyed chilled. For more you will have to ask us or simply go to Jack Daniel’s website.

Value – This is a great special occasion whiskey for the price. Not so much a sipper for every day.

Appearance – The uniqueness of this bottle is high because of the heroes selection edition. Now with the appearance I like the shape of the body, it shows a slimmer base with a wider top of the body. The neck is embossed with nice decoration and long in length and capped with a cork.

Nose – The nose is heavily influenced by maple and oak. There is a hint of vanilla in there as well. This has a pleasant nose, and the smokey element adds a wonderful touch. The heat you would expect from something with such high proof is not noticeable.

Palate – The heat is more prominent at this point, but it is still not what you would anticipate. It has the ideal strength, in my opinion. Mocha, caramel, vanilla, and oak are the flavors that I pull from the palate. I believe the palate was more equally fused than the nose, leaving for a fantastic flavor.

Finish – The finish has an excellent blend of caramel and/or maple, oak, and vanilla, along with some heat that isn’t afraid to get in your face. This is a particular kind of finish I prefer. Now I will say, if you are new and looking at different whiskies to try, this one will be spicy.

Summary – In summary, this is a surprisingly high-proof Jack Daniel’s Whiskey that doesn’t burn your socks off. The nose features low-medium heat with a good aroma. The palate and finish possess more of the heat you would expect. However, it still surprises me with its smoothness. I am really glad I ran across this while on base in Jacksonville.

“I completely expected this whiskey to be hotter than Death Valley in July. I was wrong with that assumption; I found it displayed a well-rounded overall foundation. That shows some heat toward the end of the palate, leading into the finish. Job well done on this whiskey.

Eric Watkins

Uniqueness- 1-10 – 9

Appearance- 1-10 – 8

Nose- 1-20 – 14

Palate- 1-20 – 16

Finish- 1-20 – 18

Value- 1-20 – 15


“Purchase Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof at Caskers Here!”

Reviewed by:

Eric Watkins on 04/20/2023

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  1. Do you know how much of this product was made? I have heard it was a limited run meaning what is out there is what is out there. Once its gone thats it. That statement alone should make it go up I value over time. Thoughts?

    1. I do not know how much they made of this product. With supply and demand on something that is limited, the price would generally go up I would say.

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