Whiskey of the Month: February 2023 Edition

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Embrace the Bourbon’s February Whiskey of the Month is AMAZING with a rating of 9.1 out of 10. This 109.4-proof bourbon is a wonderful addition to any collection. Without further Ado, Makers Mark BRT-01 gets the big W this month!

“The name BRT was given to these expressions because of the influence our consistent practice of hand-barrel rotation (BRT) and temperature has on our whisky process. Made to be enjoyed as a pair, BRT-01 is inspired by the tasting notes found at the hotter top of the rickhouse” – Makersmark.com 

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes this so good! Here is the snippet of the Nose, Palate, and Finish from our review of this Makers Mark Whiskey. 

Nose – Hickory wood, baked bread pudding, smoke, charcoal. This nose is full of pleasurable scents that really push the scents that focus on the platform bourbon notes. Providing you with a fateful of everlasting scents drawn of baking notes and pushed out as heavy oak.

Palate – Seasoned wood, very smokey, chocolate, caramel. This is by far my favorite part of this review. Whoa, whoa and woah! As the nose leads onto it is full of the platform bourbon notes but to the extreme. If you like smoke in your glass then this is your bourbon because you get the spice and the smokeyness all in one.

Finish – Dominating smoke flavor on the end, baked bread, and a linger finish full of heavy oak. The finish is long and the mouthfeel is sweet, complex and rich. It’s delightful that Makers Mark can pull so many flavors into one sip. Artfully enjoyable throughout as I get about 15-20 seconds of lingering thickness and heat on my tongue at its 109.4 proof.

This is what the Andrew had to say about this BRT-01, “I will finish it out saying this….”Artfully Complex” and “Expertly Delivered!”

If you would like to view the detailed review, please go to our “Bourbons” link and click on Veteran Bourbon Review: Makers Mark BRT-01.

“Purchase Makers Mark BRT-01 at Caskers Here!”

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