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History – One of the things that people ask most about this brand is “What does Penelope mean?” I will leave that to the website to answer for you. “Penelope Bourbon was crafted and created in a classic American tradition – to celebrate the impending birth of a child. In 2018, Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry, found out they were expecting a baby girl, Penelope. To commemorate this occasion, Mike quickly realized he wanted to create a spirit that embodied the daily joy of celebrating life’s pleasures – big and small.

Teaming up with his close childhood friend and neighbor, Danny Polise, they set out to discover and produce a Straight Bourbon Whiskey everyone could appreciate and enjoy. A company was born.

Today, Penelope Bourbon is sold in over 26 states nationwide and 4 countries. This four grain bourbon is expected to be the lightest and most entry level of their bourbons due to its lower proof and lighter appearance but unique nonetheless. To learn more about this company and what they offer feel free to visit our article on the company here. Let’s dig in!

Value – This is a great value at $30 where I purchased this.

Appearance – Peanut/Tortilla in color. Woah what a beautiful bottle. With its wine shaped bottle and very light label it attracts a soft touch to it. It’s a tell likely that it’s a light bourbon as well. The white label is light to match the color of the product itself.

Nose – Fall leaves, piney, white wine and spearmint. The nose really pushes through the light flavors that this bourbon holds. It is so approachable that it can be given to a person who has never drank bourbon before and they can enjoy the soft tones it presents. Definitely a beginner’s nose.

Palate – Apple, cloves, white pepper and cinnamon. Wow this is a light bourbon that screams introductory and softness. It’s not bad whatsoever but is one that if I could say so your spouse or significant other who doesn’t drink bourbon would likely enjoy.

Finish – Light cinnamon, nutty and mint. This is a finish that is well rounded and lingers for 10 seconds even with just the lower proof. It is very nice and almost cooling at the end and really ends on the thinner side of the mouthfeel but salty as well.

Summary – Overall this bourbon is so light that you can really enjoy this in a calm setting with a cigar or even pair it with some key food groups such as chocolate, meats or even pasta. I would drink this with food as I would a wine. It’s light enough for an experienced bourbon drinker to do this and treat it as a tasting drink or a hot weather drink. The best part about this is that it is approachable to women as well who demographically do not drink bourbon as much as men.

I look forward to offering this to my friends and family who I constantly try to convince to switch to bourbon. This bottle will likely get them started. It hits soft and really should be for beginners only.”

– Andrew Workman

Uniqueness – 1-10 – 3

Appearance – 1-10 – 8

Nose – 1-20 – 10

Palate – 1-20 – 12

Finish – 1-20 – 12

Value – 1-20 – 10


Purchase Penelope Four Grain Straight Bourbon at Caskers Here!

Reviewed By:

Andrew Workman on 02/21/2023

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