Veteran Bourbon Review: Clyde May’s Single Barrel


Conecuh Ridge Distillery

Mash bill



5 Years


102 Proof


MSRP $59, Purchase Price $59 (2023)

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History – I have gathered that Clyde May’s single barrel is not displayed like the straight bourbon on their website. I see it is an exclusively selected bourbon.  That in fact could make it a hot commodity shortly when it gets out how good it is. Now, a little background on the company. “Clyde May defines ‘True Grit.’ Born to a single mother shortly before the Great Depression, Clyde was raised in a time and place that required a dose of resilience and character, traits that would become a hallmark of the man and his whiskey. Clyde May proudly served in the Army’s 77th Infantry Division during World War II. He earned a Bronze Star and a Purple Heart while commanding a 12-man rifle squad. Clyde’s misfortune of being wounded in battle turned into a pretty good thing for whiskey-loving Conecuh Ridge locals. Clyde had known a thing or two now about crafting the finest spirits around, even if his methods were slightly outside the laws of the land. His high standards and commitment to quality cemented his reputation as the “most-wanted” moonshiner in Alabama, if not the country.”- Clyde May’s

Value – Based on the $59.99 MSRP. I paid the technically required amount. However, I believe it is overpriced.

Appearance – The bourbon is light copper in color. The bottle features a cylinder shaped body that is medium in length, and a medium neck that is capped with a cork. The label contains a lot of information, which I appreciate because a decent amount of others do not.

Nose – The nose is composed of vanilla, raisin, and leather with mild ethanol content. Well-rounded aroma if I say so myself.

Palate – Caramel, vanilla, a touch of apple. Followed by the iconic American oak topped with a small amount of ethanol burn. This palate comes on strong and lingers, but not in a bad sense.

Finish – The finish will leave that ethanol tingle on the tongue, and surprisingly, it won’t do it by setting your esophagus on fire. Oak and vanilla are the big hitters here, mixing quite well with the heat.

Summary – In summary, This specially crafted, hand-selected single barrel is offered at the Campbell Station/Northshore store, and it comes from barrel No. 465, which was barreled on February 3, 2017. With this bourbon, Clyde May’s has found success with their distinctive overall flavor that will have you questioning if this company is for real.

I am proud to say that this single barrel has made me a believer in Conecuh Ridge Distillery. This bottle has been a complete joy at every stage to review. I look forward to their current and future success.

Eric Watkins


Uniqueness- 1-10 – 8

Appearance- 1-10 – 9

Nose- 1-20 – 17

Palate- 1-20 – 14

Finish- 1-20 – 16

Value- 1-20 – 14

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Reviewed by:

Eric Watkins on 02/07/2023

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