Whiskey of the Month: January 2023 Edition

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Embrace the Bourbon’s January Whiskey of the Month is coming in straight SMOKING at 8.3 out of 10. This 94-proof rye will have you astonished at how great it is. Without further Ado, Elijah Craig Straight Rye gets the big W this month! This rye is full of flavor that will keep your attention wanting more and more. This great rye has a mashbill of 51% Rye, 35% Corn, and 14% Malted Barley.

Elijah Craig is widely recognized as the “Father of Bourbon.” There is no doubt about the excellence they strive for in the bourbon world. However, you might be unaware of the outstanding Rye that Elijah Craig also provides. They have clearly shown with this Straight Rye they are a Top-Notch Rye company as well. I feel the father of bourbon coming to take the rye world by storm.

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what makes this rye whiskey so good. Here is the snippet of the Nose, Palate, and Finish from our review of this Elijah Craig rye product. 

Nose – Floral/Botanical with summer peach, hint of port wine, mint and has a slight oak pull to this as well. It definitely surprises me that the nose here is so fruit forward as I am so used to the full oak that Elijah Craig pushes in their small batch bourbon.

Palate – Smooth, light, full bodied loaded with rye, mint again and pepper.

Finish – Light caramel, lingering around the entire mouth for 10 seconds leaving a thick layer coating your tongue and the ever so relaxing light burn fading away. There is some cherry on the end which is normally found in very thick full bodied bourbons and not rye. This rye is only 51% which is likely the reason for this as it is very comparable to a bourbon rather than a rye.

Andrew a content developer for our company stated this about our inspiring rye whiskey: “If you are looking for a rye that will not disappoint at a great price point this will not disappoint!”

If you would like to view the detailed review, please go to our RYES link and click on Veteran Rye Review: Elijah Craig Straight Rye.

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