Veteran Bourbon Review: Stellum Black Bourbon


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109.22 Proof


$98 (2022)

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History – The Stellum name is a derivative of the Latin word Stella for star. It finds its flavor in a blend of three Indiana Bourbon mash bills, two of which are high-rye, with the third being almost exclusively corn. These are older barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee folded in slowly, through a multi-step blending process. This showcases the bourbon with multiple layers of depth and complexity, in the end allowing them to round out a uniquely Stellum flavor profile. With their process each blend will not be batched so every product rather than being unique will be the same each time. They use a Daisy Chain Blending Technique in which they blend the different bourbons and then top it off for proof and profile. A spin off of the standard recipe which isn’t unique from the other. Using their reserve barrels with a very similar recipe from their standard bourbon offering they hope to produce a product that really pushes forward a higher quality and longer aged bourbon for a much more robust flavor and complexity.

Value – Too expensive. This bourbon is way overpriced for the content that it provides. It has the makings of a $50 bottle. Being in line with the standard Stellum Bourbon.

Appearance – Copper, with a very oily swirl to it showing off its character and the art that it took to make this spirit. The bottle is beautiful with its wine shaped bottle, black label with speckling blue spots. It has a wood corked top that is very classy providing an upscale look and feel to it.

Nose – Orange peel, poached pear, licorice and a peppery undertone. There is a definitive sweetness lying in the undertones. It’s very warm and welcoming and reflects a traditional bourbon feel. I am very excited for the next stage.

Palate – It’s big at the beginning with a little harshness coming from its cask strength. It’s not light on the tongue, but sits heavy. It has a heavy layer of chocolate, nuts, pepper and oak right as it passes through.

Finish – Cigar, cinnamon, smoke and wine coating your mouth with a lingering medium heat up to 13 seconds. The real winner here is the finish as it shows so much of its character. It’s deep and complex really showing throughout the entire experience making you feel warm on the inside wanting more of that lingering experience.

Summary – With the similar recipe of the standard Stellum Bourbon it hits very familiar but with very little change. Stellum Bourbon Standard (Blue Label) in my opinion is a great bourbon and really for the price that it’s offered at. This bourbon has a great finish and that is what really pushes it past what the standard release offers. Its deep chocolate flavor on the palate allows it to stand out beyond its younger brother and show off the reserve barrels that Stellum has pushed for this blend. What isn’t great is the price point at $100. Twice as expensive as its counterparts and even in some cask its single barrel offerings.

I love the cask strength, chocolate on the palate and really robust smokey finish but this bourbon at this price point needs to be revisited.

– Andrew Workman


Uniqueness – 1-10 – 5

Appearance – 1-10 – 10

Nose – 1-20 – 19

Palate – 1-20 – 18

Finish – 1-20 – 19

Value – 1-20 – 5

Reviewed By:

Andrew Workman on 01/06/2023

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