Veteran Bourbon Article: “Penelope Bourbon” a Disrupter in the Bourbon Space

If you are only just now hearing of Penelope Bourbon then you have been missing out. Hailing from New Jersey and founded in 2018 this company has focused on bourbon and then image. Founded by Mike Paladini and his childhood friend Danny Polise. These two set out on an adventure to shake up the market is a way that everyone can appreciate. Astonishing and elegant looking bottles as well easy drinking bourbon is where they have set the standard. They have made a namesake for themselves in the market by offering bourbons that today shakes up expectations what a bourbon is supposed to be and without losing those unique characteristics that make bourbon a bourbon.

Their product’s core releases are a Four Grain composed of 3 different mash bills including Corn, Wheat, Rye and Malted Barley. They offer this recipe in 3 other different formats which include Architect, Barrel Strength and Toasted Barrel Strength. Their Toasted Series rates at a 8.5 out of 10 with us and if your were wondering if you should pull the trigger on the bottle the our answer is overwhelmingly “Yes”!

Setting the stage for beyond the norm bourbon flavors Penelope has brought out attractive limited releases. Their Cooper Series such as Rosé Cask Finish takes their standard four grain blend of three bourbon mash bills while hand selecting French Rosé Wine Casks from a Southern Rhône region. This pairs nicely for those looking for that floral and strawberry accent that you can only get from a glass of Rosé wine.

Again, they have seized the opportunity to impress through their Tokaji Cask Finish which brings a finishing in Tokaji wine barrels from Hungary as they state was dubbed the ‘wine of kings’ by LOUIS XIV. 

Finally, they break the glass ceiling of what was expected of them and release another that I am sure will impress beyond expectation with their Valencia release. This bourbon is finished in Vino de Naranja casks and bottled at a clean 97 proof. With tasting notes on the palate such as Baked Pear and finish of orange peel this is one that will likely be best enjoyed neat. 

They are now offered in 26 states and 4 countries at the time that this article was written. Just recently in 2021 they announced a wider release into the Australian markets. How exciting it must be to have your products reach so far across the globe that literally by ship (US Navy Knowledge) it can take anywhere from 7-10 days to Australia from America.

The name of the company Penelope was named after Mike Paladini’s daughter Penelope which showcases the company’s devotion to family. Penelope is not only a brand to admire due to its genius marketing tactics and beautiful taste profiles but it is a company that is rooted in American values of entrepreneurship, family vibes and a reach that has no bounds!

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