Veteran Bourbon Review: Smoke Wagon Straight




60% Corn, 36% Rye, 4% Malted Barley




92.5 Proof


Purchase Price: $30, MSRP: $33 (2022)

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History – The company hails for Las Vega at the Nevada H&C Distilling Company. They have a strong following in the market from being unique in the fact that they may be the most followed bourbon brands out of the area that has made a nation wide impact. What really draws people in is the name and their bottle designs. “Smoke Wagon is actually old west slang for the 1873 Colt single action army revolver or “the gun that won the west”. Our logo stamped in wax consists of two crossed Smoke Wagons over the state of Nevada. Below it is our motto and a quote from Seneca, bibamus moriendum est. The literal translation is “drink, for we must die” but the meaning is more along the lines of, drink and enjoy today because we won’t be around forever. We can only assume Seneca meant to drink responsibly, of course.” – 

With the beautiful bottles that they have they have also been creating a wonderful line of options with a certain target of bourbon drinkers in mind. They offer a small batch, uncut and unfiltered and a bottled-in-bond rye experience. We will continue to explore some of these other offerings to ensure we get a well rounded experience from these guys coming out of Las Vegas toward becoming a staple in the bourbon market. Lets dig in!

Value – The value of this bottle is on par for the bourbon it represents and is almost at the point where they could make a little more money from it by increasing to $40. Great value at $30!

Appearance – Bronze. Smoke Wagon has been very successful in cornering the market with its genius branded bottles that Smoke Wagon obsessed fans over the image will collect all the seasonal bottles that they have to offer. They have even gone into depth as to offer a glow in the dark halloween bottle. This bottle is the American Flag bottle that we are enjoying for this 2022 Veterans Day. We love the way they represent the nation on its bottle and it represents a company that places America in the forefront of the company.

Nose – Tobacco, very strong cinnamon, smokey with a lingering hint of port wine. It smells like it’s about to be watery and thin. Let’s hope that it’s not.

Palate – Definitely some nutmeg, all spice, black pepper and a hint of prune. It does have a young consistency to it where you can still taste the corn in the mashbill. This could be due to it being a 60% corn mash bill with little other ingredients outside of its rye partner in crime here. There is a nutty flavor that is in there as well but can only tell at the end of the palate taste.

Finish – Back to the strong port wine flavor I also get chocolate, maple syrup and vanilla bean. You have some heat that resolves itself within 10 seconds or so. I must say that it does leave an enjoyable lingering flavor on your tongue inviting you back in for another sip shortly down the line.

Summary – I have to say that I am impressed with smoke wagon straight from the meaning behind the bottle, to its impressive branding and its in-depth palate that it provides. It’s something worth sitting back and thinking about how they got to where they are today. This American flag labeled bottle really embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship and patriotism in this company. How they can rise out of Las Vegas Nevada and bullhorn the bourbon market with their brand and make such a lasting impression on the consumer that they will buy multiple bottles of the Straight just to have 3-5 different designs to show off in their collection.

“Outside of being a great bourbon to have on your shelf. I recommend supporting this company as they raise the roof and break glass ceilings in the bourbon market. “Drink, for we must die”

– Andrew Workman

Uniqueness – 1-10 – 3

Appearance- 1-10 – 10

Nose- 1-20 – 10

Palate- 1-20 – 14

Finish- 1-20 – 14

Value- 1-20 – 20


“Support Us By Purchasing Smoke Wagon at Caskers Here!”

Reviewed By:

Andrew Workman on 11/08/2022

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