Article: Taste The Bourbon – Fall Edition

Welcome once again my charred barrel sipper folk of all walks of life, we are here for a wonderful fall, terribly written jargon articles of all things bourbon and things comparatively.

Hope everyone is well and grinding to do their best, to be creative, to experience new things, all things, and of course new bourbons. How exciting new experiences are, make your experience unique to you. Document it, make it yours, make history.

All right enough babble, how about the bourbon right? Fall is my favorite time of year, for me the weather, the leaves on the trees and foliage start to turn a color brown, just like the strange, interesting, unique brownish amber refreshment we named bourbon. Which is strange, because brown really isnโ€™t that sexy of a color right, dirt is brown, but all things grow from the dirt earth, it is the essence of our life and our very existence. Where the sturdy elegant white oak trees grow from, that make the barrels that the bourbon sits and ages, then charred with fire and let age once again to give that elegant amber brown hue to the spirit. What a coincidence that bourbon is brown, just like the earth dirt.

Anyway, back to fall, pumpkins, hay bales, warm apple cider is a nice addition to some bourbon tasting I might add, corn stalks, and this is the time of year, where all hot toasty beverages seem to bring your body alive with the crisp chill of a fall breeze sipping around a fire pit, a fire ring, a chimenea, or a candelabra. Whatever your type of fire is yours is good, fire is life, just like the clean clear water we take care of carefully that makes the best bourbon on the planet.

In my first article it was a very basic intro on how to partake in the beverage starting out and the things to make it a good experience. Because everything in life is a experience, and why not make it memorable.

The pure taste of bourbon has no equal in my mind, it is very simple, and all spirits are made from raw ingredients from the earth. The way ingredients are mixed and fermented and aged is the chemistry part of it. As for tasting the bourbon you might ask? Why is it all different or some generally the same? Well there are 4 main staple ingredients that make up a bourbon. Now how much of each is added is up to the distiller, hence the outcome of taste.

Here we go, first corn, it is naturally sweet and gives that corn herbal main taste, second wheat, sweet nutty and the smooth can be creamy additive. Third malted barley, a staple of scotch and Irish whiskeys, it can add a sweet, grainy, or malty flavor. Last but definitely not the least, forth is rye, a bold and can be spicy addition, hence some bottles of bourbon are purely rye bourbons, usually used for mixed drinks because of the potency of spice on the nose. Hearty drinkers with a strong nose for the stronger things in life tend to lean towards a hearty rye flavor for its robust taste and biting finish. If you are a bourbon drinker and have never leaned into a rye bourbon before, I highly recommend a mid-shelf bottle, with of course, a toasty mug of real apple cider to wash it down. Until next time my fellow bourbon folk, stay salty.

“Stay Hydrated and Salty My Friends”

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Casey Curry on 9/16/2022

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