Veteran Bourbon Review: Stellum Straight

Stellum Straight Bourbon


Stellum Spirits

Mash bill

Undisclosed (from undisclosed distilleries in Indiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky)




114.98 Proof


$55 (2022)

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History – The Stellum name is a derivative of the Latin word Stella for star. It finds its flavor in a blend of three Indiana Bourbon mash bills, two of which are high-rye, with the third being almost exclusively corn. These are older barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee folded in slowly, through a multi-step blending process. This showcases the bourbon with multiple layers of depth and complexity, in the end allowing them to round out a uniquely Stellum flavor profile. With their process each blend will not be batched so every product rather than being unique will be the same each time. They use a Daisy Chain Blending Technique in which they blend the different bourbons and then top it off for proof and profile.

Value – At $55 this bourbon tastes way more expensive than the selling price. I think its value is a fair price.

Appearance – Amber in Color. Its appearance is beautiful with a wine shaped bottle and an all wood topper. It’s straightforward with its label and provides a great color contrast.

Nose – Strong Leather, Port Wine and Botanical is what I can pull from just the first sniff. This is unusual because normally this is not the case with other bourbons that I have reviewed. It makes me very excited to continue onward.

Palate – Lots of pepper, caramel, fresh wood and there is a dominating flavor that turns out to be almost chocolaty. This is an exceptionally complex taste and it is thick as well so you can tell from that there is A LOT going on here.

Finish – There is a light ethanol taste and coats your tongue. It lingers for about 10 seconds which seems just right for this. Not that smooth but enjoyable. When you breathe afterwards you can feel it on your breath which is enjoyable as well.

Summary – This bourbon is fantastic and at first glance will pull you right in. After the first pour you realize that there is something to talk about here. Not only is the process unique but this up and coming brand should excite you. I am looking forward to what else Stellum has to offer. The only pitfall to this is that many other companies are taking the path of blending bourbons which is a process unique in itself but takes a little of the originality of the spirit away.

“Overall, wow this is such a unique bourbon that will not only impress you until the bitter end but will not break the bank!

– Andrew Workman

Uniqueness – 1-10 – 6

Appearance- 1-10 – 10

Nose- 1-20 – 19

Palate- 1-20 – 18

Finish- 1-20 – 15

Value- 1-20 – 20


“Purchase Stellum Bourbon from Caskers Here!”

Reviewed By:

Andrew Workman on 10/4/2022

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