Veteran Bourbon Review: Old Hamer Straight


West Fork Whiskey CO.

Mash bill

99% Corn, 1% Malted Barley


Minimum 2 Years


80 Proof

Purchase Price


Official Product Website

History – The Hamer family started and operated in Lawrence County, IN by distilling excess corn. Old Hamer has been proclaimed to have been Resurrected by West Fork Whiskey. Currently Bottled in Indianapolis, IN, and Distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN.

Value – Priced at $23.99 for the 750ml bottle. It’s not a bad value for the quality.

Appearance – Corked round with a medium-length neck that uncovers a  medium amber color. The label is a pretty cool design but other than that it is plain.

Nose – Right at the start you get a nice citrus smell followed by the sweet caramel with vanilla and hints of peach. When I saw this product was 99% corn mash, I was a tad bit worried that the corn smell would be too much but it really wasn’t. It had just the right amount for the faintest whiff.

Palate – This bourbon offers very little burn on the first sip which is expected from an 80-proof bottle. This palate is average at best. That being said you do get a decent taste of caramel with some cinnamon fighting its way into the mix followed by small amounts of oak.

Finish – This is the most averagely mild finishing bourbon that you could ever get. It lacks any kind of kick if that is what one is looking for. What it does offer though is a soft oak-infused caramel and cinnamon flavor that is the best part of this finish.

Summary – In summary, Old Hamer is a fair-valued bourbon for the quality you will have. It really is a decent sipping bourbon with nearly any burn so your throat doesn’t get smoked. West Fork did a decent job with this so-called Resurrection.

This is not the bourbon that will make you happier than a hog in mud. It will get the job done though. It’s just an average bottle that has potential.”

Eric Watkins


Uniqueness- 1-10 – 5

Appearance- 1-10 – 6

Nose- 1-20 – 8

Palate- 1-20 – 9

Finish- 1-20 – 11

Value- 1-20 – 17

Reviewed by:

Eric Watkins on 09/13/2022

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